Annual Conference 2018


Welcome to the Annual Conference of Oikosnet Europe

Orthodox Academy of Crete 5 – 9 September 2018
Europe with different eyes – The case of Greece for example

On behalf of the Board of Oikosnet Europe and on behalf of the Orthodox Academy of Crete it is our pleasure to invite you to the next Annual Conference (AC) of Oikosnet Europe (OE).
The AC is scheduled to take place from 5 – 9  September 2018 in the Orthodox Academy of Crete, Chania. The AC will begin at 19h00 on the 5th with an opening worship to be followed by a festive dinner at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Academy. The AC will end with breakfast and departures on 9 September. Please plan you travels accordingly in order not to miss the festive dinner to which some eminent people from around the Academy are invited.

The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) is beautifully located at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, next to the Gonia-Monastery. As beautiful and as significant this place is today, it was also the venue of serious and enormous atrocities during World War II. No wonder, therefore, that the OAC was established as an institution for peace and reconciliation. This is one of its key issues until today. Being located at a crossroad between many different cultures, the OAC is known for fostering dialogue between people of different cultures and different walks of life. Consultations in the Arab-European Dialogue, for instance, were often hosted in the OAC. In addition, the OAC has a long-standing record of addressing environmental issues and interpreting the Orthodox faith to people of other confessions and religions or to people of other life stances. The OAC is well-rooted in the life of Crete and its people. Earlier initiatives of the Academy for the people of Crete have already become legendary. Today many school pupils and students visit the Academy for educational courses. While we are there, we should not miss to visit the icon painting workshop. – In short: there is much to discover at the OAC as an inspiration for our own work!

Besides the study day and an excursion under the main theme, we will also engage in some important business issues related to the future of our network. Among other issues will have to elect a new Vice-President and/or new Board members. In the last AC’s, many Oikosnet members attended and profited from the networking. We will continue this process in the AC 2018 and will reflect on appropriate methods for networking and sharing among Oikosnet members.

The registration for the AC is done online through this website. You can choose to pay by invoice or business card as you wish. Please contact the secretariat of OE if you have any questions about your registration  Deadline for registration is 22nd August, 2018, but please register as early as you can.
Link for registration

Travel Instructions
The closest airport to the venue is Chania. From there it takes almost an hour to get to the Academy, including luggage claim etc. Please, plan your arrival times in order to arrive at the Academy in due time for the opening worship and the festive banquet. As September is still counted as holiday season, you might well want to look for Charter Flights to Chania. We will provide you in due time with further travel instructions. Your travel agent might also offer you Heraklion as a flight destination. But expect a much longer time for travel to the Academy and a price well above 50 Euro for a taxi.

Conference Language
The conference language for all events will be English only. Some consecutive translation on a voluntary basis might be possible, but a sufficient knowledge of English (active and passive) is required, at least desired.

Costs and financial support
The conference fee remains at the level of previous years: 350€ for the AC (Board, Lodging, Conference Fee, Excursion is included in the conference fee). Participants are expected to cover their own travel costs.
According to our agreed policy and given the difficult financial situation of some of our members, we want to state that the lack of resources should, however, not be an obstacle for members to attend the AC. There is a limited budget for supporting members in need of financial support to attend the AC, which will be distributed, in principle, on a “first come –first served” basis.

If you are in need of support, please contact our Treasurer Mrs. Nicola Murray at or our President Walter Lussi at This also applies to especially invited guests.

Please note that you should contact our Treasurer before you register to the conference online if you are in need of financial support or if you are an especially invited guest. 

If you have any issues, projects etc. which you want to discuss at the AC or if you have any special contribution to make, please get in touch with Executive Secretary Rüdiger Noll In any case, we will provide you with further documents and practical details in due time before the meeting.

In case that an Oikosnet member will not be able to attend the AC 2017 we would still like to hear from you. And do not forget to transfer your voting rights to another Oikosnet member.
A form sheet to nominate proxies will be available from the Oikosnet Secretary For several decisions it will be crucial to have a quorum.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at the AC 2018 in Crete. In case you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us. For the time being we remain

With every good wish,

Walter Lussi President, Oikosnet Europe
Dr Konstantinos, Director of the Orthodox Academy of Crete






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