Annual Conference

The General Assembly of Oikosnet Europe

Bad Boll, Germany 9 – 13 September 2020
The New Green Deal

Dear Members and Friends of Oikosnet Europe!
The Academy of Bad Boll, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, is inviting us to hold the Oikosnet General Assembly 2020 in Bad Boll, near Stuttgart, Germany. Therefore, it is our pleasure to invite you on behalf of the Board of Oikosnet Europe and on behalf of the Protestant Academy of Bad Boll to the next General Assembly, which is to take place from 9 to 13 September in the Protestant Academy of Bad Boll. The General Assembly (GA) is planned to begin with an Opening Worship at 17h30 on the September 9, followed by dinner and a welcoming evening. The GA will end with breakfast and departures on 13 September.

Our Host Academy
A consultation on “Men of law and of the economy” in September 1945 marks the beginning of Protestant Academy of Bad Boll, which, together with the Sigtuna Foundation, is the oldest and most long-standing member of what today is known as Oikosnet Europe. Bad Boll served as a raw model for many other Christian academies in Germany and several other countries. Bad Boll is also among the biggest members in Oikosnet Europe. Its about 25 study leaders organize around 150 conferences per year with 10.000 participants around issues pertinent to today’s societies. Key issues on the agenda are: theology, democracy, sustainability, demographic change, market economy, globalization, peace, migration, the search for common values. “Together with people, who want to shape the future, we are committed to stand-up for a good life in a free, democratic society, in solidarity and in assuming our responsibility for the protection of our natural resources. The not yet redeemed prospects of a better, sustainable world is our vision. In order to inspire hearts and souls with visions for the future, we offer impulses and spaces for dialogue. Our conferences and events are places for encounters – sustainable, in solidarity and innovative,” This is how Prof. Dr. Jörg Hübner, Director of Bad Boll, summarizes the main pillars of the Academy’s work. – Much to discover and learn in Bad Boll! For further information on Bad Boll consult its website:

Study Day and Excursion
A thematic study day and an excursion will form the first part of the General Assembly. Under the main theme: “The New Green Deal”, we will explore what is behind the new EU initiative: does it live up to the environmental challenges and climate change, how will it be implemented, what needs to change, how do we manage the required transformation? And in all of this, what is our role in this as individuals, as Christian communities and churches, as academies? Besides input from speakers from European organisations and churches, we want to provide a platform for mutual exchange on plans, visions, ways of implementation in the life of Christian academies. The Protestant Academy of Bad Boll is known for its environmental commitment and for innovative ideas stemming from its conferences in this field.

The Corona Pandemic
The Board of Oikosnet Europe monitors the developments and effects around the Corona pandemic in Europe and in the different countries closely. We are aware that most of the member centers are closed at this stage and person to person contacts are limited to the minimum. For many centers, this is a totally new challenge, for some a question of survival and future priorities. We would be interested in hearing from you on how you cope with the crisis. How do you expect the life of your academy to change after the crisis. What are the effects on you as centers and for the people around you. Probably, this will also have to be a prominent agenda item at the General Assembly – strategizing together.
With regard to the planned General Assembly in Bad Boll, we will take no risks as far as the health of participants and staff are concerned. But we live in the hope, that in Mid-September 2020 meetings and conferences are possible again. We, therefore, continue at this stage with the planning process as usual and we kindly ask you to register as soon as possible, certainly no later than the deadline June 1. Planning ahead is even more crucial than in “normal” times. If the GA should have to be cancelled at a later stage due to the Corona aftermath, we will inform you at the earliest possible momentand be will surely reimburse your registration fee.

The Future of Oikosnet Europe
Besides the study day and the excursion, we will also have to engage in some important business issues related to the future of the Oikosnet network. Following the last General Assembly in Agape, the Board engaged in a process of making the organization more effective and transparent. The results will have to be discussed and adopted at the GA in Bad Boll. (Re-) elections to the Board are also on the agenda. In the last General Assemblies, many Oikosnet members profited from networking with other academies and laity centers. We will continue this process and will reflect on appropriate methods of networking and sharing.
The detailed programme will be developed by the Board and the Bad Boll Academy. Developments will be published on this website. Further documents will also be issued to registered participants and members in due time.

Conference Language
The conference language for all events will be English only. Some consecutive translation on a voluntary basis might be possible, but a sufficient knowledge of English (active and passive) is required, at least desired.

The registration for the GA is done online through this website. You can choose to pay by invoice or business card as you wish. Deadline for registration is June 1, 2020, but please register as early as you can.
Due to the exceptional circumstances, in which we find ourselves, the payment, this year, does not need to be done immediately with the registration, but has to happen until August 31. The registration will open after the Easter Holidays.
Please contact the secretariat of OE if you have any questions about your registration

Costs and financial support
The conference fee remains at the level of previous years: 350€ for the GA (Board, Lodging, Conference Fee, Excursion). Participants are expected to cover their own travel costs.
According to our agreed policy and given the difficult financial situation of some of our members, we want to state that the lack of resources should, however, not be an obstacle for members to attend the AC. There is a limited budget for supporting members in need of financial support to attend the AC, which will be distributed, in principle, on a “first come – first served” basis.
If you are in need of support, please contact the Oikosnet Secretariat by May 25 at the latest. This also applies to especially invited guests. Please note that you should contact the Secretariat before you register to the conference online, if you need financial support or if you are an especially invited guest.

If you have any issues, projects etc. which you want to discuss at the GA or if you have any special contribution to make, please, let us know.

In case that an Oikosnet member will not be able to attend the GA 2020 we would still like to hear from you. And do not forget to transfer your voting rights to another Oikosnet member. A form sheet to nominate proxies will be available from the Oikosnet Secretariat. For several decisions it will be crucial to have a quorum.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at the GA 2020. In case you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us. For the time being we remain

With every good wish,
Walter Lüssi , President, Oikosnet Europe
Jörg Hübner Director, Prot. Academy Bad Boll