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The “Role of Religious Education in
Today’s Europe”
Zoomconference March 24 15.00 – 17.30

Oikosnet Europe is inviting its members, partners and friends to a Zoomconference on the theme of “The Role of Religious Education in Today’s Europe”.

Education in its various forms is an indispensable basis in all European societies. Without a good education young people lack skills for their professional live and access to the labor market. But education is much more and meant to foster people’s habits and their abilities to engage responsibly with others in society. Education offers orientation.

What is the role of churches and their institutions, such as Christian Academies, in the field of education? What is the churches’ and the Academies’ understanding of Education? How it is seen from outside partners, states, European Institutions?  The Covid19 Pandemic made it evident, like in a nutshell, that the role of churches in the area of education is seen very differently in European countries. And equally, there are different approaches to education by churches and their institutions.

The Zoomconference on 24 March offers an opportunity for mutual exchange among Christian Academies and their partners in church and society. The conference explores as to how Academies and their partners can and do contribute to offer orientation for responsible Christians as well as for societies. The conference will, therefore, look on concepts of education and how churches contribute to education in a wider context.

The Zoomconference will operate in English and will be organized in a plenary session with all participants and smaller working groups for a more intensive sharing. Please, consult the attached programme for more details.

For Oikosnet Europe this is a start for a longer reflection process on education. Results of this Zoomconference will be taken up by its Board and by its General Assembly later in the year.

You are invited to pass this invitation and programme on to other interested persons in your context.


For further questions, please, contact the Oikosnet Secretariat at office@oikosnet.eu.

Access coordinates will be mailed to registered participants. Interested participants are invited to register here.