About Oikosnet Europe

Mission, Vision and Faith Statements

A faith statement for Oikosnet Europe – the basis we build on

In harmony with the preamble of our constitution, we affirm the deep rootedness of our work in the gospel and our commitment to the goals of the conciliar process:

  • We as the network of OIKOSNET Europe members seek in our work to understand and reinterpret the significance of the Gospel for the renewal and unity of the churches and for the fullness of life of each human person and society as a whole.
  • We work at empowering people and we collaborate in dealing with current social problems by dialogue.
  • We endeavour to assist in giving guidance for necessary changes in living conditions with a commitment to social justice and the integrity of creation.
  • We contribute by our work to make it possible for individuals and groups to share in a mature way in the organization of society and in a peaceful order among the nations.

A mission statement for OIKOSNET Europe – the long view

  • The network of OIKOSNET Europe members is a dynamic interface for advocating and promoting the issues of church, society, and culture, translating them into actions, from the local context to the global context, and vice versa.
  • The network of OIKOSNET Europe members embodies the international commitment of its members as part of the global OIKOSNET, working together to foster dialogue between actors in church, society and culture, peaceful change, sustainability and ecumenical formation

 A vision statement for OIKOSNET Europe – our role, our context

  • The network of OIKOSNET Europe members is a vital community of learning and practice for exchanging visions, ideas and projects that enrich individual members as well as the whole network.
  • The network of OIKOSNET Europe members is a strategic partner in the ecumenical
    and interfaith arena, whose work is recognised by partners in civil society.

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