The Gender & Justice Network

gender&justiceThe Women’s Network of Oikosnet Europe changed its name to “Gender & Justice Network” during the General Assembly in Liebfrauenberg September 2013.
Since the meeting in Huissen/ Netherlands many years ago (2005) the preconferences of the network were open to man and women alike. The proclamation of this decision and its recurrences in the following General Assemblies did not help
to bring many male participants. This was probably due to the themes and to the name of the network. As well in the last years fewer participants joined. With the loss of members of Oikosnet Europe and perhaps due to the fact that the Women’s Movement lost its significance the network shrunk. But even though the Gender & Justice Network is the only one left of Oikosnet Europe thanks to the help and interest of a handful of colleagues it survived. Over the years the Network in collaboration with the hosts of the GAs was a visiting community that enabled the participants to learn more about the situation in the different countries and especially about the situation of women, minorities and migrants. The program leaves beside this enough space for reflections on how it wants to develop and what the next steps should be. At the end of the meetings the participants always agreed that it was worth to come and inspiring.
Contact for the Gender & Justice Network
Nicole Richter


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