Arab-European Citizens’ Dialogue on Religion and Society

As many of you know, we were planning to have the 9th Consultation for this dialogue at the Orthodox Academy of Crete in November 2023. Given the recent developments in the Middle East Region, we concluded that this would no be possible. Instead, we had a smaller meeting for discussion on the present situation and the future of this dialogue.

At this small meeting in Crete, we recognized that in the next Consultation, we need to address the two wars presently devastating Europe and the Middle East: The Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine and war between Hamas and the state of Israel. These two conflicts indeed represent difficult and complex situations, but we nevertheless need to attend to them. In addition to this, we also need to discuss the future of the Arab-European Citizens’ Dialogue.

We are aiming at a Consultation at the Orthodox Academy of Crete the following dates: Arrival Day Wednesday May 8, working days Thursday and Friday, and departure on Saturday May 11. Many of you have been to this Cretan Academy before and know that it is a both beautiful and inspiring place to meet. It is also the venue where this dialogue started in 2010. More information about the 2024 May meeting will be distributed early next year.

For further information please contact Alf Linderman

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