Klimaatloop – A Pilgrimage for Climate Justice

PCWs-and-the-Peoples-Pilgrimage- (1)At the end of this year the COP21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, will take place in Paris. In the last few months all over the world people decided it is time to act and started walking towards Paris. Among them are many Christians and people from other faiths. On the website peoplespilgrimage.org you can find all interfaith events. The People’s Pilgrimage is a truly ecumenical event. Oikosnet-member Oikos initiated a Dutch pilgrimage for climate justice: Klimaatloop – Kerken op weg naar een rechtvaardig klimaatbeleid. In 10 stages participants walk from the North (Winsum) to the South (Vaalserberg). During a national event in Utrecht on 24 October Dutch church leaders from different denominations will walk (4 short stages between 5 churches) and talk (debates, church services, lectures). Christians and non-christians are all welcome to join in. Oikos in the Netherlands is proud to be the initiator of the Klimaatloop, because it is the first time that churches from all denominations act together and speak as one regarding to climate change: The time is now to act!


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