Oikosnet Europe will be present at the next Protestant Kirchentag

Stuttgart KirchentagThe next Kirchentag will take place in Stuttgart – from 3 to 7 June 2015. Its theme comes from psalm 90, “that we may become wise”.

More than 100,000 people are expected to attend Kirchentag in Stuttgart and almost half of them will be actively involved in contributing to the programme. Volunteers are essential to the success of Kirchentag. Tens of thousands of active participants are the face of Kirchentag, working together to create a joyous and unique experience. The versatile mixture of events expresses the concerns, interests and ambitions of people around the world. We decided at the Annual Assembly in Liebfrauenberg last year to be present next year and share a booth with the Protestant Academy of Baden and the Protestant Academy of Bad Boll. We will take the opportunity to inform there about our centers and their possibilities and are looking for all our members who will be at the Kirchentag. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to work for a shift or two (2 to 3 hours) during these days. Their business would be to speak with visitors and inform them about our work and members. At the same time it will be a meeting place for all of us!

The Market of Opportunities offers initiatives, groups or organizations the chance to creatively present their work. Next year around 800 groups or organizations will be there and they came from all over the world. If a group is in pursuit of a certain objective, wishes to implement a specific project or has ideas regarding new ways for our churches or societies then the Market of Opportunities is the perfect location to present there. Here one will have the opportunity to share a project, objectives and ideas at the same time as connecting with others.

The Market of Opportunities is one of Germany´s largest events for communication between civil societal groups and initiatives. No matter whether you are of religious or sociopolitical background, active as a volunteer or employee, all are invited to present and discuss at the Market of Opportunities. At the Market of Opportunities all are welcome to openly present their views and perspectives, without fear of criticism or dispute.

If you are willing to help, please inform me: marielisa.vonthadden@ev-akademie-boll.de

We hope to see you in Stuttgart next year.

Marielisa von Thadden,  the Protestant Academy of Bad Boll

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