“Transition Accomplished or Mission Impossible – Economic Developments and Civil Society. The example of the Czech Republic”

Annual Conference 2016
This is the working title for the Oikosnet Europe Annual Conference 2016, which is scheduled to take place in Prague, 7 to 11 September 2016 upon invitation of the Ecumenical Academy Prague and its Director Jiri Silny. As usual, the Annual Conference will be preceded by a meeting of the Gender and Justice Network and the Oikosnet Board.

If you are interested in attending, please note these dates in your agenda. The official invitation will be issued to Oikosnet members by letter as well as through this newsletter in the first half of 2016. Please also consult the Oikosnet website.

Under the title of the conference, the Ecumenical Academy in Prague will provide introductions, discussions, encounters and an excursion in order to shed light on how economic developments hit people in the Czech Republic after the revolutionary changes in 1989 and on how the Czech Civil Society, including the Ecumenical Academy, addressed the subsequent challenges. To which extend did the visions of those who were actively engaged in the Velvet Revolution become true? Did the transition process actually ever end? What are the challenges of today? Does the Czech experience resonate with the experiences in other European countries? What conclusion can be drawn for the European Ecumenical Laity and Academy Movement?

Besides addressing the main theme of the Annual Conference, the meeting will also have to review the work of OE during the past year as well as to take decisions on common projects/activities. The Prague meeting will finally decide on the future legal framework for Oikosnet Europe


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