Kirchentag this year and next

kerze-und-handOikosnet Europe is part of preparing a European Christian Convention (cf. previous newsletters). The next step in the process is a second consultation with about 100 stakeholders or interested organisations in Kappel near Zürich from 9-11 June 2016.
The Preparatory Team of the European Christian Convention is also issuing an occasional electronic Newsletter. Those who are interested in the meeting in Kappel or those who want to remain up-dated on developments via the Newsletter are invited to get in touch with the Secretariat:

German Kirchentag 2017 starting shot for the Reformation Jubilee
The next German Kirchentag will be in Berlin from 24-28 May 2017. It will be the starting shot for the Reformation Jubilee, which will last until 31 October. The Academy in Wittenberg will be a part of the world exhibition and will be transformed in a sort of Café, presenting the academies in Germany. OE is invited to present itself in this setting. A good opportunity to bring forward our unique European network and maybe give some ideas for new partnerships. So if you got ideas, please contact the board. The OE activities will be organized in cooperation with Friedrich Kramer, director of the Wittenberg Academy.



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