Oikosnet in Magdeburg and Wittenberg

Europe and the Reformation, Magdeburg/Germany 6 to 9 November


„Europe” is the theme of the Synod of the Evangelical Church in Germany, which will take place from 6 to 9 November in Magdeburg/Germany. Together with the European Bible Dialogues, the Evangelical Academy in Berlin, the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe and the umbrella organization of the German Protestant Academies (EAD), Oikosnet Europe will be part of designing an equipping an information booth at the Synod. The emphasis is not so much on distributing material. “It is more important to initiate good discussions with members of the Synod about our various organisations, which have a common goal: fostering a just, participatory and sustainable Europe,” Rüdiger Sachau, Director of the Evangelical Academy in Berlin told the Oikosnet Annual Conference in Prague. And a booth just in front of the Plenary Hall of the Synod will help to do precisely that. For further information contact the Oikosnet Secretariat or the Executive Secretary

The reformation jubilee in Wittenberg 2017
Equally, the German Academies and the members of Oikosnet Europe will present themselves in 2017, when Wittenberg will be welcoming guests from all over the world for the reformation jubilee. There will be many activities in Wittenberg mainly from May to October 2017. With the Kirchentag in may a “World Exhibition” will open and a huge panoramic view on the reformation will be presented by the artist Assis. There will be many other exhibitions, concerts, worships and events, including weeks under common mottos. Not at least, the sights of the Lutheran Reformation will present themselves fully renovated.

The Evangelical Academy of Sachsen-Anhalt, based a few meters far away from the Castle area in Wittenberg and the castle church, Luther´s burial place, will become one Pavillion of the “World Exhibition”. And it will offer again a possibility for Oikosnet members to be present and to be visible. Following a three-years network project, the German Academies have already produced some relaxing chairs, which capture some of the results of the network project. They also animate to stand-up for the future and gather strength for the reformation(s) ahead. For further information contact the Director of the Evangelical Academy of Sachsen-Anhalt, Friedrich Kramer at kramer@ev-akademie-wittenberg.de


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