Oikosnet mourns the death of Roman Juriga

Oikosnet Europe together with the worldwide environmental and ecumenical movement mourns the death of Roman Juriga who died suddenly and unexpectedly on 6. October 2016.

Most Oikosnet members met with Roman at the occasion of the most recent Annual Assembly in Prague in September. He looked tired, perhaps stressed, but full of new plans. The Annual Assembly celebrated that he just managed to acquire a new building for the academy in Jarvornik. A new start was in sight.

Oikosnet Europe recognizes his contributions to the ecological and ecumenical movement as well as to the dialogue between church and society. “Roman was, what I would call, a diesel-engine: it takes a while before it gets warm and strong, but then it is very powerful and long lasting. We loose a good colleague and dedicated member of our association,” Jaap van der Sar, President of Oikosnet Europe, said. “We were friends since many years and we planned several initiatives together,” Rüdiger Noll, Secretary of Oikosnet Europe added. “I still cannot believe that Roman is no longer with us. I admired his courage and trust in God’ guidance in often difficult times. Roman would not let loose even if the circumstances were not brilliant.”

Among many other functions, Roman was Director of the Orthodox Academy of Vilemov (Czechia) since 1995. He was the regional representative of the orthodox youth organization Syndesmos from 1995 to 1999 and for many years, he was the Media Secretary of the Diocese of Olomouc and Brno.

Many remember Roman for his environmental commitment. The Orthodox Academy in Vilemov was the only academy with an on wind-energy installation. No wonder that Roman belongs to the founding members of the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN). The Founding Assembly in 1998 took place in “his” academy. In 2005, Roman was awarded with the Czech National Eurosolar Price.

But, more important, many will keep Roman in memory as a committed Christian, full of ideas, thinking out of the box and with lots of energy for new initiatives. Roman was always open to share his insights and to relate to others across borders. Oikosnet Europe will be poorer without him.

Roman leaves behind his wife Eva and two children. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

If you want a small video dedicated to Roman´s life, please watch: Click here! 

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